Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Silver - Update - Bear Market Continuing

Silver has declined for more than 1 year after reaching the Cycle high identified in the Summer of 2016.  Silver has been down for more than 6 years, and is the weakest market on the board.

Silver has struggled at horizontal resistance, but may attempt to test the 2016 high with the bear market to resume thereafter.  There is no sign of a bottom.  Silver will take years to finally reach the bottom.  

Weekly Chart


June 25, 2016:

"Silver formed the double bottom blue arrow lows late last year as anticipated in the Cycle.  The result was a significant bounce. 

Silver is approaching a critical high in the Cycle.  It may seem tempting to view Gold and Silver as a safe haven with turmoil in the market. 

Any safe haven behavior is likely short lived according to the Cycle with a relentless decline directly ahead."

3-day Chart
Silver Bear Market Cycle:

Sunday, September 17, 2017

XIV - Before/After - Once Again Approaching Resistance

XIV is approaching resistance with long term resistance represented by the white line.  Blue resistance is also above. 

A moderate decline is ahead.  Mid-October into November may be the weakest period.

Daily Chart


August 11, 2017:

"XIV has reached the targets set out in July analysis.  A low should be near with a large bounce ahead into September.

The orange channel is clearly broken, but overall the XIV chart is still quite strong."

Daily Chart

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

$SPX - 2,500 September

SPX is continuing to grind up towards 2,500 and is likely to test that level in September. 

It is the same pattern seen all year.  Higher highs and higher lows with a steady grind up towards 2,500.   

Daily Chart