Wednesday, November 6, 2013

$VIX - Red Arrow!

As predicted by the Cycle, VIX has been forming a low around the pink fork line.   

VIX bottomed mid-March and has been making higher lows since that time. In the Cycle, the red arrow low is anticipated to be another higher low for VIX.  VIX has been flirting with longer term trend lines of resistance going back to 2008.

From this red arrow low, a steady rise for VIX into the end of year is shown by the Cycle.  The next high for VIX is due after a several months rise.       

60min Chart


Analysis posted October 13th.

"VIX is likely approaching the red arrow low in the Cycle. The red arrow low should form late this month possibly in the 13's."

60 min Chart

VIX Cycle 1: