Wednesday, May 24, 2017

$SPX - Before/After - Update

SPX made a V-bottom as anticipated, and has traded back to horizontal resistance once again.  What is next?

Expect to see an overthrow of horizontal resistance, and a washout low. 

60min Chart


May 1, 2017 analysis:

"SPX has spiked up to test 2,400 as anticipated. 

However, the spike has been too much and too fast.  The gap is likely to fill next as shown on the chart.

The roller coaster to continue..."

60min Chart

Monday, May 1, 2017

XIV - White Trendline Backtest Complete!

XIV has backtested the white trendline as anticipated in April analysis.

Next, XIV should cool off with a dip at least to test mid-fork support.  Whipsaws are expected to continue. 

Daily Chart


April 16, 2017 Analysis:

"XIV tested the orange channel support last week.

Next, a spike up is anticipated for XIV to backtest the white trendline.  The spike up is expected to start gradually this coming week, and intensify as month-end April approaches."

Daily Chart