Thursday, October 24, 2019

VIX - Rectangle

The VIX has formed a rectangular pattern, and is approaching the main trendline and rectangle support.

VIX is bound within the rectangle in the short term.  Once the pattern matures the moves will become extremely violent.


Saturday, October 5, 2019

SPX - In VIX We Trust

SPX has a clear Double Top which completed this September.  

The top is in.  Last week the trendline was broken to the downside.  SPX will soon resume the downtrend which is already in place.  


VIX has been trending higher for years.  Starting in August the VIX trend began to accelerate to the upside.


VIX continues to trend higher to break the 1987 trendline which has already been previously tested.


SVXY has been leading lower for more than 1 year to date.  The recent failure of SVXY to test the July peak was the "tell" that SPX had, in fact, topped.