Monday, December 22, 2014

$SPX - Another Plunge Coming

The Cycle for SPX showed a bounce coming into the Orange arrow Cycle high.  That has now occurred.  Last week saw the strongest 1-week bounce in the last 2 years!!  That is an impressive confirmation of the Cycle!

SPX has met the target for the Orange arrow high.  A small dip is probable soon even though little more than some bouncing around prior to year-end is likely.

The Cycle shows a plunge into the Blue arrow Cycle low.  The December low for SPX is very likely to be retested in January.

60min Chart


60min Chart

SPX Cycle:

Saturday, December 13, 2014

$SPX - Cycle Analysis Shows Volatile Swings Ahead

Volatility is likely to continue for months in SPX.  The Cycle shows a trading range forming (red lines) for months ahead.

SPX made the sudden drop to the red arrow in October.  Currently SPX is near the green arrow Cycle low. 

The Cycle suggests a bounce soon to the orange arrow.

60min Chart

Cycle:  Current location is marked with the green arrow.