Sunday, January 17, 2016

$VIX - Cycle Update

The VIX Cycle predicted the spike up to 50.  In the Cycle, VIX is likely working it's way towards the brown arrow Cycle lower high.  The action in VIX recently has been relatively quiet though, and VIX tested 30 last week which historically has been a significant resistance.  Short term support is around 20.    

There is no panic currently. Overall the VIX Cycle does show the brown arrow lower high forming, but continues to decline from August with the Cycle showing lower lows (below 12) for VIX later this year.      

Weekly Chart

VIX Cycle 1:


  1. Today, Jan 19th is a high in the SPX Cycle, but everything looks relatively quiet.

    I am expecting the low on Friday will hold for January, and SPX slowly grinds up into the end of January. February cycles look weak and can see lower lows.

  2. What's you XIV exit target for Jan and would you enter UVXY Feb and at what price range? thx

    1. XIV short term targets $22 to $24. February looks weak, but only minor moves. In March can see XIV around $27. For UVXY I'll wait until later March, and expect it can do well into April.

  3. 1823 is feb 2014 low we break that 1720

  4. 1799

    we are in a crash, it stops when the robot trading says so, no cycles involved at all.

  5. XIV 16.52 in, 18.31 out, Good Luck to all, Consider this as dead cat bounce, Contango, Contango, Contango

  6. Wonder if we saw the turn in the markets today. Asia and EU will rally on this turn overnight providing more juice for NA markets tomorrow. fingers crossed!