Tuesday, June 30, 2015

XIV - Flashcrash Update

The comparison model suggested that volatility would increase and the market would become very choppy as the high forms.  The initial dip occurred yesterday which signals the start of this choppy phase. 

The model does indicate a slightly higher high in July/August though it should be considered possible that the high is already in place.  In any case the model suggests a bounce soon and the high re-tested, and up into mid-July next. 

At this pace the flashcrash is due August at the earliest and September at the latest.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

XIV - Flashcrash Setup

The SPX Cycle analysis has suggested a bearish move ahead.  However, the market has been slowly grinding higher.  The bullish move looks likely to finally complete in June with SPX declining rapidly, particularly in July, once the high has completed. 

The high should form with churning in June, and then July looks to be the most bearish month of this year.

A comparison with the Flashcrash of SPX in May 2010 with XIV is interesting.  XIV may have some upside in the first half of June, and then complete the high in June.  The comparison suggests a Flashcrash in July.   


Friday, April 10, 2015

$SPX - Cycle Bearish - Dip to Purple Arrow Next

The expanding formation (red lines) is well defined now, and has formed as predicted by the Cycle. 

The pink arrow is in place.  A dip down to the purple arrow low to test around the red support is expected next according to the Cycle.

2hour Chart

SPX Cycle:

Sunday, March 29, 2015

$SPX - Cycle Update

The expanding formation (red lines) is well defined now, and has formed as predicted by the Cycle.  Possibly the pink arrow is in place. 

This is a particularly choppy spot in the Cycle. 

A dip to test near the red support can be expected, but strong bounces are also likely to occur as the market continues to bounce up and down within the red resistance and support lines.  This choppiness is anticipated to persist during the months of April and May according to the Cycle. 

2hour Chart


SPX Cycle:

Friday, January 23, 2015

$SPX - Cycle Shows Strong Rally

SPX plunged to the blue arrow low.  The Cycle target and timing proved to be very accurate. 
Next, a dip is likely to occur within the next few days.  However, overall the Cycle shows a strong rally to the pink arrow high.      
60min Chart


SPX Cycle:


Monday, December 22, 2014

$SPX - Another Plunge Coming

The Cycle for SPX showed a bounce coming into the Orange arrow Cycle high.  That has now occurred.  Last week saw the strongest 1-week bounce in the last 2 years!!  That is an impressive confirmation of the Cycle!

SPX has met the target for the Orange arrow high.  A small dip is probable soon even though little more than some bouncing around prior to year-end is likely.

The Cycle shows a plunge into the Blue arrow Cycle low.  The December low for SPX is very likely to be retested in January.

60min Chart


60min Chart

SPX Cycle:

Saturday, December 13, 2014

$SPX - Cycle Analysis Shows Volatile Swings Ahead

Volatility is likely to continue for months in SPX.  The Cycle shows a trading range forming (red lines) for months ahead.

SPX made the sudden drop to the red arrow in October.  Currently SPX is near the green arrow Cycle low. 

The Cycle suggests a bounce soon to the orange arrow.

60min Chart

Cycle:  Current location is marked with the green arrow.