Wednesday, July 20, 2016

XIV - Approaching Critical Time and Price

XIV is approaching the large June gap.  Time and price is near an interesting turning point in the week ahead.

July 28th is a date for a high.  August 10th is a date for a significant low.

60min Chart

Thursday, July 14, 2016

$SPX - Deja Vu Cycle Model

SPX spiked up, and appears to be forming an ascending broadening wedge according to the Cycle model.  Currently SPX is likely forming a high. 

Support is located at the lower red line.  Therefore, SPX should work it's way down to test the lower red support line with time. 

Daily Chart

SPX Deja Vu Cycle:

Monday, July 11, 2016

$SPX - Outlook - Levels and Timing to Watch

SPX continues to struggle and test the level of long term resistance.  A pullback is due this week.  However, the level of 2,100 may offer support during July.

July 31st is an important time for a potential high.  August 10th is a date to watch for a potential low.

60min Chart

Thursday, June 30, 2016

UVXY - Nearing Support - Short Term Targets

UVXY is near the fork support.  A reaction at this level may be seen with a pop.
An undershoot of the support is also possible before the next run up.

Volatility is likely to be seen particularly mid - July.

Daily Chart

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

XIV - Short Term Outlook with Longer Term Target

XIV tested the main pink support and the reaction has been quite strong.  Therefore, it is likely that XIV has bottomed.

However, the next date for the high is coming due tomorrow, June 30th.  XIV is approaching major short term turquoise resistance just above.  A retest of the low is probable.

15min Chart

XIV tested the main pink support.  Still trending up.

Daily Chart

Sunday, June 26, 2016

$SPX - What's Next - July Targets

SPX failed at the horizontal resistance, and the decline to the purple arrow low was initiated on Friday.

The purple arrow low is due August.  SPX is likely to decline into August with several sharp bounces along the way.

There will be some soft spots during the coming week, but overall it looks positive.  Generally the market is due to consolidate during the week ahead.

Daily Chart

UVXY is slowly warming up.  High levels of complacency exist in the market which suggests significant upside for UVXY into August.

Probably an inverse head and shoulders pattern is forming. 

Daily Chart

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Silver - Cycle Update - Before/After - Next Targets

Silver formed the double bottom blue arrow lows late last year as anticipated in the Cycle.  The result was a significant bounce. 

Silver is approaching a critical high in the Cycle.  It may seem tempting to view Gold and Silver as a safe haven with turmoil in the market. 

Any safe haven behavior is likely short lived according to the Cycle with a relentless decline directly ahead.

3-day Chart

Before:  November 21, 2015

"Silver is anticipated to be forming the second blue arrow low currently.  In the Cycle the blue arrow lows are a double bottom pattern.  Silver should now bounce for several months towards $17."

3-day Chart

Silver Bear Market Cycle: