Sunday, April 6, 2014

$SPX - Major Trendline to be Tested

SPX is peaking with a decline anticipated for the rest of the year.  The current market is simply quite overextended, and exhausted.

In contrast, VIX bottomed in March of 2013 - a year ago.  VIX has been rising for over a year, and that is a clear warning signal.

A decline for SPX is likely to be choppy with significant bounces on the way down as it corrects to the trendline from 2009.  A 250 point decline is estimated for SPX from the current level, and that represents a 13% decline.

3day Chart

Sunday, March 16, 2014

$VIX - Forecast Update

VIX held the support level specified in the VIX forecast.  As well, VIX also surged up last week in tune with the rise shown in the VIX forecast.

VIX tested the midfork on Friday, and some mild resistance for several days could be expected.  Short term, the next high is targeted for VIX late this month.

Overall the VIX Cycle shows an elevated VIX for a couple more months.

60min Chart


2hour Chart

Friday, February 21, 2014

$VIX - 2 Month Forecast

VIX is currently finding support at the turquoise fork, and around the pink support line.  It is a very strong level of geometric support for VIX.

The trend is likely to remain up for VIX for several more months according to this Cycle. 

Therefore, SPX is due to hit a high within a few days, and a several month downtrend for SPX is forecast into May.

2hour Chart

VIX Cycle 1:

Saturday, February 8, 2014

$VIX - Cycle Continues - Blue Arrow

VIX reached the target area and blue arrow Cycle high.  Currently, VIX is near the pink support. 

The Cycle shows two more peaks coming.  The next peak is due in February and another in late March or April according to the Cycle. 

Therefore, VIX is likely to find support soon and rise sharply to the next peak.  The next peak for VIX may even be slightly higher than the blue arrow.

2hour Chart

VIX Cycle 1:

Friday, January 24, 2014

$VIX - Cycle Continues - Update

VIX formed the purple arrow Cycle low.  The result was a breakout for VIX above the white trendline. 

Next, VIX should be rising to the blue arrow Cycle high.  Unlike the past spikes for VIX, this time VIX should remain elevated as the blue arrow high forms over a period of 1 to 2 months. 

VIX is testing the red resistance currently, and may need to consolidate somewhat before continuing to rise up to reach the blue arrow high.

2hour Chart

VIX Cycle 1:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

$VIX - Large Move Due in Symmetry

VIX has been flirting with the white and red trendlines.  The VIX Cycle suggests a move above the white trendline from 2008 is imminent.

VIX has been trading higher since March of 2013, and clearly that warns of declines ahead for SPX.  A large move is due in the symmetry.  

4day Chart

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

$VIX - Red Arrow!

As predicted by the Cycle, VIX has been forming a low around the pink fork line.   

VIX bottomed mid-March and has been making higher lows since that time. In the Cycle, the red arrow low is anticipated to be another higher low for VIX.  VIX has been flirting with longer term trend lines of resistance going back to 2008.

From this red arrow low, a steady rise for VIX into the end of year is shown by the Cycle.  The next high for VIX is due after a several months rise.       

60min Chart


Analysis posted October 13th.

"VIX is likely approaching the red arrow low in the Cycle. The red arrow low should form late this month possibly in the 13's."

60 min Chart

VIX Cycle 1: