Wednesday, March 2, 2011

$Rifin 5min and 60min Charts

Short term I am quite bullish on Financials as shown by the cycle in the first chart.  However, I expect this is just the initial setup for a waterfall decline as shown by the pattern in the 60min Chart. 

5min Chart

Very bearish.

60min Chart


  1. Nice results.

    I've been studying market movements symetry (time/price) and cycles for 3 years but can't find the right - working - method.

    Seems like I need more time.
    Will study your charts closely.


  2. Thank you. It is not easy. There is an art and science to it. The "art" is the tricky part. You can see on the 5min chart how the right side took more time to complete than the left side of the pattern.

    Once you find the right pattern it is a gold mine though and so well worth the effort.