Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Summation Index

The NYSE Summation Index has rolled over.  Look at the higher low that $NYSI made in early July 2010 versus June 2010 in contrast to $SPX with a lower low.  Notice how the current top in $NYSI indicates weakness with a lower high from the previous peak in October (and lower high from all major peaks over the last year).  Again, this contrasts with $SPX.

It has even formed a bearish Head and Shoulders pattern since July 2010.     

The signal performed very well over the last year: 


  1. Good article, I've made an all-in in FAZ, I can wait many months, but one day the reward will be there. Miker

  2. Thanks Miker,

    There is an extremely bearish big picture that is quietly developing for the markets. First, we have some whipsaws to complete. I have a "roadmap" pattern that I am watching. It's working well thus far. Watch for $rifin 840 first...

    Stay tuned - some big picture charts coming soon!