Sunday, January 30, 2011

$Rifin Head and Shoulders/Double Top

Short term levels to watch for $rifin include 840 which is the Dec 13th, 2010 high (840 is also the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement off the recent January highs). 

The next level is $rifin 834 which is the Nov 5, 2010 top, and also the approximate measured target from a breakdown of the H&S pattern.

Notice that on Friday Jan 28, 2011 the neckline was broken as of the close.

30min Chart 


  1. $rifin 840 would be mid $9 for FAZ. $rifin 834 would be high $9 for FAZ.

  2. $rifin triple top now. I am looking at a pattern right now that shows why a triple top here makes a lot of sense. Once my analysis is complete I will post the chart.